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Notable Trends in September 2019

Year to date, southeastern U.S. M&A deal has continued to slow as the year progresses, the completed deal count is now down 22.9%. The YTD completed deal count as of the end of September is 617 deals versus 800 deals in 2018. Conversely, capital invested is up 252.7%, going from $72.2 billion YTD in 2018 to $254.5 billion YTD in 2019. Year to date, the median deal size has increased from $33.38 million in 2018 to $67.33 million in 2019, correlating with the rise in capital invested.

For the month of September, deal count is down 49.4% compared to 2018. Invested capital and median deal size are both up 212.1% and 120.2%. The high metrics in 2019 are partly contributed to the $21.5 billion acquisition of Total System Services by Global Payments and the $2.7 billion acquisition of Chesapeake Lodging Trust by Park Hotels and Resorts.

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