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Notable Trends in November 2019

Year to date, both total capital invested and deal count are down from 2018 to 2019. Total capital invested is down 23.6%, while deal count is down even more at 30.5%, from 6,643 deals in 2018 to 4,615 deals in 2019. Year to date, median deal size has increased sharply from $49.48 million in 2018 to $85 million in 2019.

Total capital invested was the second highest amount in November of any other month in 2019 of $115 billion, but it is still down 31.9% from the same month in 2018 where there was a total of $168 billion of capital invested. Total deal count in November of 2019 of 405 deals is slightly less than November of 2018 of 471 deals by a total of 14%. The median deal size of November in 2019, $87.4 million, is also higher than the median in November of 2018, $70 million, by 24.9.

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