Waste Collection Services Industry Report 2020

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Industry Performance in 2020

The waste collection services industry benefits directly from increasing industrial, construction, and commercial business activity. The primary objective of the industry is to collect and transport waste of consumers; hence the industry’s revenue depends on the amount of waste produced. Residential waste during the pandemic has remained relatively stable, while commercial business activity has slowed due to COVID-19.

Key Trends

Government regulation and consumer opinion has pushed for greater capabilities in recycling services. Recycled solid waste grew from 28.5% in 2000 to 35.2% in 2017.

A rebounding economy will boost consumer and business spending and therefore will increase demand for waste services.

Operating costs are likely to increase as companies transition to sustainable processes.

Industry heavy weights have looked to reduce labor costs by transitioning to single-driver trucks equipped with an automated side loader (ASL).

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